Follow The Plan – Within Reason

This may sound obvious and silly, but the training has been custom designed for you around your goals, schedule, and ability level. With this, no two plans are ever the same. Even the best thought out training plans cannot be benefitted from if they’re not completed. Though there are proven training principles, everyone has different physiology and will adapt to particular training stimuli differently. By completing the workouts your coach will have an opportunity to determine what works best for you and your physiology to dial in your training in subsequent training blocks.

For example, your body may be slow at adapting to anaerobic efforts but excellent at improving and maintaining sub-threshold intensities. Workouts like these need to be accomplished and monitored to determine what needs to be addressed in the future.

Missing many workouts within a particular training block will stall the progression because you cannot move to the next phase in training without successfully accomplishing the previous block’s work. Each subsequent block is then based on the improvements seen in previous training bouts.

That said, missed workouts happen and your coach understands this. We are here to craft a Plan B to cater to your current situation, which relates back to tip #3- maintaining regular communication!

A simple text message can lead to plan alterations! Your coach will also be monitoring your fatigue levels to properly periodize your training. A rest week cannot be justified if the training stress hasn’t been great enough leading to that point, for example.
By loading your files, giving feedback, maintaining regular communication and following the plan you will maximize your coaching experience and capitalize on your coach’s knowledge and experience. Coaching is a two-way street to have an excellent working relationship.

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