Lactate Testing For Cycling Or Running ($299 Single Testing/Analysis)

Lactate Testing (Running, Cycling, Swimming, Or Any Other Endurance port)

We now understand the complete underlying physiology of you, the athlete and provide you with a holistic performance profile of any athlete, in any sportLactate is associated with each of the two energy systems. It is produced by the anaerobic system and used as a fuel for the aerobic system. 

The goal of the many hours of training is to optimize the two energy systems. When one knows how muscles react during exercise and how the aerobic and anaerobic capacity adapt to training, we will know what and how to train. This increases training efficiency while decreasing the risk of over-training and injuries.

  • Monitoring VLamax as a metric in your supports helps understanding how and why you perform in a certain way.

  • Understanding lactate metabolism helps us to make your individual interval training programs even more effective and efficient.

  • Understanding lactate metabolism we also understand performance in races.


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