Power-Performance Decoder (PDD) for cycling ($299 single testing/analysis)

Power-Performance Decoder (PDD)

PPD is the first and only tool on the market, that can combine lab and field data.

Up to now power duration curve and physiological data from lab or field testing stood separately. There was no way to meld them together for a complete diagnostics profile.  PPD merges field and lab data, enabling coaches to see how they belong together and how they are to be looked at as a unit.

PPD is unique, because:

It works very accurately. Analyses show the same divergence as when using lab devices. In case of VO2max, e.g., this means approx. 2.5% only.

It allows for determining the glycolytic performance without lab.Athletes get a 360-degree physiological assessment without visiting a lab.

Coaches are enabled to test remotely – for the first time ever, coaches don’t have to with their athletes for performance testing.

It provides a complete substitute for lab- and field tests. And it is in no way inferior to INSCYD lactate tests.

Thoroughly tested by pro teams and coaches:

Validated by over 150 studies, INSCYD’s PPD is used by world championship cyclists and triathletes around the world. In the past months in 2020, PPD has been used and thoroughly tested by pro teams CCC, SEG Racing as well as by many WorldTour coaches and coaching businesses – also in direct comparison to lactate- and lab tests. This way, top-level accuracy is not only guaranteed, but validated.

“The INSCYD test opened my mind to an entirely new world of training and racing”— LIONEL SANDERS

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