Individualized workout specifics provided by INSCYD Results

Power-Performance Decoder (PDD) for cycling

$299 for single testing/analysis
  • The Power-Performance Decoder (PPD) is the first and only tool on the market, that combines lab- and field data.

  • Up to now power duration curve and physiological data from lab or field testing stood separately.

  • PPD merges field- and lab data, it enables coaches to see, how they belong together and how they are to be looked at as a unit.

INSCYD/Bora-Hansbrohe Lactate Testing

Lactate Testing for cycling or running

$299 for single testing/analysis
  • We now understand the complete underlying physiology of you, the athlete and provide you with a holistic performance profile of any athlete, in any sport

  • Lactate is associated with each of the two energy systems. It is produced by the anaerobic system and used as a fuel for the aerobic system. 

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