Maintain Regular Communication

While different coaching plans afford varying levels of communication, your coach needs to be kept up with your life. We understand that other obligations arise and must be accounted for. Things such as surprise business trips, a sick child, a change in employment, and weather all have an effect on your ability to train effectively. Without access to this information the training cannot be tailored appropriately to your current situation. An athlete should never be afraid to ask questions.
Your coach is there to do more than just write a training plan for you – our job is to advise and coach you through training and racing. Whether you’d like clarification of expectations for a workout, want race day tactics, need nutritional suggestions, etc. ask away!
Use your coach as a sounding board for your thoughts, ideas, and concerns. Whether it’s via email, phone call, in-person meeting or even a quick text message, regular communication with your coach is crucial to a successful coach-athlete relationship.

Your coach needs to be informed of work stress, travel plans, family obligations, illness, etc. to make appropriate adjustments to your training calendar moving forward.

Keep in mind that to every Plan A there is always a Plan B. With advance notice of other obligations, your coach can devise an alternative for you so the training is kept current with your situation and you’re able to reap maximal benefits!

Remember, training is supposed to be fun! It should never become additional stress for you.

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