RE Sports and Fitness Nutrition

Optimizing Nutrition for Health and Sports Performance STARTS WITH YOU.


The properly fueled and hydrated body is an amazing specimen capable of breaking barriers and beating out the best in competition. RE Sports and Fitness Nutrition is here to help you understand and incorporate healthy nutrition into your lifestyle to optimize YOUR health and sports performance.

Everyone has different needs and goals. I believe that sometimes we set goals and expectations that do not align with us (whether it is fitness, nutrition, self-care, and/or mindfulness). And when things do not go as planned, we end up doing nothing instead. So, even if you are going through a hectic phase in your life, my goal is to provide you with the content and resources that you can adapt to your health goals and needs.

Let’s work together to come up with an individualized nutrition plan so you can optimize nutrition and be the best YOU can be.

The key to improving your performance is to find weak links

  • What is currently holding you back? 
  • Are you fatigue between training sessions and recover slowly? 
  • Are you looking to reduce your body fat or aim to gain lean muscle mass? 
  • What is the “why” for your desire of personal change?
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